Geography - River Holford conclusion

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  • River Holford conclusion
    • Overall results
      • Overall I found that velocity increased over 500% downstream fro 3km along the river Holford
      • Gradient changes did not seem to influence velocity and the cross-sectional area only had a small influence
      • Changes in the hydraulic radius seem to be the key factor
    • Evaluation
      • Overall I am happy with conclusions as we had a large data set (we had many groups)
        • I am confident the velocity + channel broudly changed as our data said it it + it fits the model and theories about how rivers work
          • I am particularly happy with met cross sectional area which is quite accurately measured and is reliable
      • However I am unhappy with the gradient data
        • It could be inaccurate. It did get flatter downstream but my results could be more accurate
          • However these are small errors and the general trend is true
    • What could I do better next time
      • More measurements between sites
      • Continue measurements to the sea to see if they stay the same
      • Repeat the study after heavy rainfall and see the difference
      • Could measure the rock size and shape in the river to see if it influenced the friction + velocity


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