Bangladesh Flooding

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  • River Flooding - Banglidesh
    • Cause
      • Monsoon arrived early, and haevy rain fell from late june.
      • Brahmaputra and Meghna Rivers rose over dangerous levels
      • The flood waters spread to Dhaka.
    • Effects
      • 1/2 country flooded
      • Areas without storm drains flooded
      • Contaminated water when flood was over
      • Over 700 killed
      • Affected over 30 million people
      • Malnutrition
      • Crops lost
    • Management
      • Oxfam preparedness Programme
        • Raising homes 2m above water level
        • Earth banks planted with grass to prevent erosion
        • 2 hectares of raised land for live stock
        • Rescue boats in risk area
        • Radios to each committee to issue flood warnings
      • Dhaka Integrated Flood Protection Project
        • $100 million government project
        • Earth embankments to hold back rising water
        • More storm drains
        • Sloping protection to prevent erosion
        • Sluice gates to close channels when water levels rise


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