Rivalry between Ranchers and Homesteaders

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  • Rivalry between ranchers and homesteaders
    • Why?
      • Ranches needed lots of land for cattle to graze
        • Would split it up between ranchers
      • Homesteaders took public land ranchers relied on
    • Ranchers tactics
      • Filed claims under 1862 Homestead Act for land with water
        • Made land seem unattractive to settlers
      • Ranch-hands and family members filed for land under HA
        • Handed the rights to the ranch owner
      • Rich ranchers took homesteaders to court
        • Homesteaders couldn't afford fees so gave up land
      • Threatened homesteaders with violence or damaged crops
    • Law-enforcement couldn't cope
    • Ranch cattle strayed and ate homesteaders crops
      • Ranchers blamed homesteaders for not building fences
      • Homesteaders blamed ranches for not confining cattle
    • Sheep farming
      • Both used public land
      • Ranchers said sheep ate grass down to roots leaving nothing
      • Ranchers complained they spread diseases (like sheep scab)


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