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  • Rites
    • Rites of Passage
      • Marriage - the Villa of mysteries, the secret room. Marriage more of a contract, and very financially orientated.
      • Birth - Bulla necklace given to the child, father accepts the baby as his and wrapped in cloth with scented oils
      • Coming of age -  Removed their Bulla, men now wore a crimson toga and women had to give away all of their toys to the goddess Artemis.
      • Death - cremation, Inhumation, loud rich funerary ritual held at night.
    • Definition - A ritual event that marks a particular occasion - normally involves a large amount of people.
    • Yearly Rites.
      • Harvest
      • Lupricalia - Fertility.
        • 14th of February.
    • Rite of intensification
      • A time of need, for example War, Famine.
        • Sacrifice of an animal, then worshiping and feasting.
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