Risks Of Bipolar Disorder

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  • Risks Of Bipolar
    • May be at risk of bullying through the use of demeaning language towards the sufferer during their depressive episodes.
    • Prone to suffer from neglect if their informal carers (i.e. friends and family) feel like they cannot cope with the caring for the sufferer. Also they may not want to enlist the help of a care assistant because of financial reasons.
    • Prone to alot of stress because when sufferers are in manic episodes they might buy large areas of land or do things that they should not. This can cause them to have alot of stress as they may be in financial trouble.
    • May be at risk of self-harm when they are in depressive episodes. This is because they can feel like they are not important and that they do not have a good life and so self-harm is a solution to end those feelings.


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