Risk factors of heart disease

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  • Risk Factors of Heart Disease
    • High blood cholestrol/poor diet
      • 1) High blood cholestrol levels increase risk of CD
      • 2) Cholestrol one of main constituents of fatty deposits in atheromas
      • 3) Atheromas lead to increased blood pressure/blood clots
      • 4) Could block flow of blood to CA, could cause myocardial infarction
      • 5) Diet in high saturated fat associated with high cholestrol levels
      • 6) Diet high in salt also increases risk of CD because it increases risk of HBP
    • Cigarette Smoking
      • 1) Nicotine and carbon monoxide increase risk of CD
      • 2) Nicotine increases risk of HBP
      • 3) Carbon monoxide combines with haemoglobin, reduces amount of O2 transported in blood and therefore the amount available to tissues- leads to MI
      • 4) Decreases amount of antioxidants which are important for protecting cells. Fewer antioxidants means cell damage in CA walls, can lead to atheroma formation
    • High blood pressure
      • 1)  HBP increases risk of damage to artery walls
      • 2) Damaged walls increase risk of atheroma formation, further increase in BP
      • 3) Atheromas also cause blood clots
      • 4) Blood clots block blood flow to heart muscle, possibly resulting in MI


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