Security Policies - Risk Analysis

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  • Risk Analysis - Factors That Must Be Considered
    • Identify Potential Risks
      • Eg. Viruses, fire, natural damage, hacking, system failure, fraud etc.
    • Likelihood of Risk Occurring
      • Some things, such as power cuts, are inevitable, but explosions are much less likely
        • Senior managers have to assess the likelihood of each risk occurring and put in place necessary security
    • Short and Long Term Consequenceof Threat
      • Resources (staff, equip. Etc) need to be directed towards recovering the data
      • May have to pay compensation
      • Financial loss due to loss of business - not able to take orders
      • Cost of replacing equipment
    • How Well Equipped Is The Company to Deal With the Threat
      • What procedures are in place?
      • Has to be reviewed periodically because of changing needs -disaster recovery programme


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