rising five

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  • Rising five
    • Structure
      • variable rhyme scheme, first stanza is only consistent one (ababcdee) following stanzas either contain no rhyme or only a few rhyming words. last stanza uses similar ending sounds/ alliteration instead
      • emphasis on RISING focuses on theme, draws further attention to purpose of poem
      • suspended lines bring stanzas to a halt, Nicholson says if you're not in the present, where are you?
        • layout leaves words to appear floating in air (helps to create shift of tone after stanza 3)
    • Content
      • moves from an affectionate, lively portrayal of a little boy's determination to seem older than he is, to a more meditative reflection on our tendency not to appreciate life as we live it, undercut by a more sombre awareness of mortality and time passing
    • Purpose
      • Reflects on our human tendency to always look to the future and not appreciate the present moment
    • Tone
      • Friendly, affectionate; then gloomy, dark serious
    • Analysis
      • Stanza one
        • 'rising five'= looking to future, being older is a positive, direct speech = present in situation, tone= pride
        • description of boy= vivid, full of energy, life, vitality, young, sweet, cherubic, comic
      • Stanza two
        • Nature description= rich, dynamic, vigorous, everything moving/ stretching out/ fecundity
        • nature is boiling with energy/ confinement preceding exuberant release
      • Stanza three
        • shift from materiality in first two stanzas to abstract ideas of light and time
        • tone becomes darker, setting sun= metaphor for death
        • emphasis on rushing, night is coming SOON
      • Stanza four
        • new replaces old, change is inevitable
        • life: flower/ cradle > fruit/ marriage bed > rot/ grave
        • attention onto reader when pronoun changes to WE
        • leaves fall like a boy loses his youth, carelessly
        • weare inclined to waste our lives looking ahead
        • we only see imperfections, a flower will be overlooked, because we do not value youth/ the moment


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