Rise Of The Nazis

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  • Early Rise Of The Nazis
    • 1. Beer Hall Putch
      • Failure of Hitler
      • Hitler In Prison
        • Writes 'Mein Kampf'
        • Changes to a policy of Legality
    • Organisation
      • Properganda
        • Newspapers, Film, radio etc.
        • Hitler Youth, Nazi Teachers association etc.
      • Fuher? Gauleither(Reigon)?   Freis(Area)?     Ort(Town)
      • Creates A Pyramid scheme of power with Hitler on top with the sole power
    • Support of the Young Plan
      • Gave him some powerful friends with similar views on the treaty of V
      • Party Membership grew
      • Gave Hitler National Standing for the first time
    • Elections
      • (1928) Start of Hitler getting his act together, 2.8% of  vote
      • (1930) After Mullers collapse, Wall Street Crash and Young Plan, 18.3% of vote


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