Risalah: Prophethood

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  • What is Risalah?
    • Risalah is Arabic for 'message' and is the channel of communication between Allah and Human
    • Risalah: Prophethood
      • Muslims believe that prophets teach them that
        • Allah loves them and humanity is important
        • Allah wants to communicate with people, especially about how they should live
        • Allah is omnipresent and is watching over people
    • Revelation was when Allah gave his messages to the prophets
      • They are recorded in the Qur'an
      • There have been 124,000 prophets but only 25 are mentioned in the Qur'an
      • Prophets should be shown respect as they were chosen by Allah but aren't worshipped
      • Allah sent messages to the prophets through angels
        • Prophets called rasuls were given holy books/scripture
        • Prophethood is closely linked to the Six beliefs of Islam
          • Examples of prophets:
            • Adam
            • Nur/Noah
            • Ibrahim/Abraham
            • Musa/Moses
            • Isa/Jesus


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