rings, acids and amines

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  • Rings, acids and amines part 3
    • amines
      • small amines smell similar to ammonia with a slightly fishy twist
      • larger amines smell very fishy
      • amines will accept protons
        • theres a lone pair of electrons on the nitrogen atom that forms a dative bond with an H+ ion
        • dative bonds are covalent bonds where both electrons come from the same atom
      • amines react with acids to form salts
      • making aliphatic amines
        • heating a haloalkane with an excess of ethanolic ammonia
      • making aromatic amines
        • heat nitrobenzene with a tin metal and concentrated hydrochloric acid under reflux
          • this makes a salt then to get an aromatic amine you have to add sodium hydroxide
    • azo dyes
      • making the diazonium salt
        • nitrous acid is unstable so it has to be made in situ from sodium nitrite and hydrochloric acid
          • nitrous acid reacts with phenylamine and hydrochloric acid to form benzenediazonium chloride
            • temp must be below 10C to prevent a phenol forming instead
      • phenol has to be dissolved in sodium hydroxide solution to make sodium phenoxide
        • then stood in ice adn chilled benenediazonium chloride is added
          • this is a coupling agent
          • azo dye precipitates out of the solution immediately
            • the azo is a yellow -orange compound
      • uses
        • food
        • textiles
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