Powers of the police to detain, interview and serach at the police station

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  • Powers of the police to detain, interview and search at the police station.
    • Custody Officer
      • Brought before the custody officer as soon as practicable upo arrival.
      • Must start a custody record.
        • Time of arrival, reasons for arrival and any reviews of detention.
      • Racord any visits.
    • Rights of a detained person
      • Have someone informed of arrest.
        • R V Samuel 1958
      • Right to legal advice.
        • R V Grant 2005
      • Consult code of practise.
      • Cells should be adequately heated and ventilated.
      • 2 light and 1 main meal in 24 hour period.
      • Drink with meals and when reasonably requested.
      • Wthin any 24 hour period the detained person should have at l;east 8 hours continuous rest.
    • Section 56 PACE
      • Nominate any friend, relative, or any person whom they think is likely to take and interest in their welfare
        • Must be told of the arrest and where the person is being held - as soon as practicable
      • Phone call - speak for a reasonable time.
      • under 17's need a person responsible for their welfare.
    • Section 58 - the right to legal advice.
      • Either contact their own solicitor or use the duty soliciter system - free.
      • Custody officer asks if suspect wants legal advice and must sign the custody record if they do or not.
      • Senior police officer can authorise a delay - up to 36 hours.


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