Rights and Responsibilities

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  • R&R
    • Making moral decisions
    • Democratic Processes
      • Tax we pay
        • Council Tax
          • Laws that affect our life
            • Right to Vote
      • Without rights, people would be treated harshly
    • Genetic Engineering
      • Non Religious Arguments in favour
        • Controlled by laws an human fertilization
      • Non Religious arguments against
        • Long term consequence
          • Makes scientists too powerful
            • Find it hard to get jobs, mortgages
              • Irreversible - any mistake are permanent
      • Christians and GE
        • Aims to cure diseases not perfect humans - Good
          • Crating cells isn't like creating people
            • Young embryos don't count as human lives
      • Playing God
        • Only heaven can be perfect. earth cannot be perfect
  • Bible - Word of God dictated for his followers
    • Church - Bible is out of date and the Church is the body of christ
      • Conscience - Voice of God
        • Situation Ethics - "Love thy neighbour" and Jesus followed so should follow also
  • Human Rights
    • The Right to life. Freedom from torture. Freedom from Slavery. Right to marry. Right to Education.
    • Why are they important to Christians?
      • Sancity of Life
        • Humans are made in God's image
          • The Golden Rule
            • They don't want to be discriminated against


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