Right realism and crime

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  • Right Realism
    • The Cause of Crime
      • Biological differences
        • Murray-the main cause of crime is low intelligence which is biological
        • Wilson and Hernstein-biological differences in pesronality may make some people more predisposed to commit crime- eg. aggressiveness or risk taking
      • The underclass
        • Murray-The nuclear family is being undermined by the welfare state resulting in an underclass who fail to socialise their children properly
      • Rational choice theory
        • Clarke-Deciding to  commit a crime is a choice based on a rational calculation of the consequences
          • If the rewards outweigh the cost people will be more likely to offend
          • Crime rates are high as perceived costs are low
    • Tackling Crime
      • Wilson and Kelling- we must keep the character of neighbourhoods strong
      • 'Zero tolerance' policing
      • Increase the costs of crime through target hardening and more use of prisons
    • Evaluation
      • It overstates offenders rationality and how far they make cost-benefit calculations
      • It only concentrates on street crime, ignoring corporate crime
      • It ignores structural causes of crime such as poverty
    • RR see crime especially street crime as a growing problem
    • Believe other theories fail to solve the problem of crime. which should be done through control and punishment


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