C + D: Topic 4, Realist theories : Right realism

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  • Right realism
    • They believe that crime is real and society should have 'zero tolerance' for this
      • It represents the conservative side of politics
    • The causes of crime
      • Biological differences - Wilson, Herrnstein
        • Links to Murrays saying on 'low intelligence'
      • Socialisation and the underclass
        • Murray: crime is increasing because of the w/c under socialised children
        • Generous revolution since the 60's
        • Absent fathers/male role models
        • DUlio and Waters: growing up around bad adults = bad individuals
      • Rational choice theory
        • Believes all human beings have freewill and choice to do what they wish
        • Ron clarke: crimes are decided not just done
        • WIlson: an individual thinks of other ways of achieving if legit means are not accessible
        • Felson: for crime to happen there needs to be a motivated criminal, a suitable target and absence of a guardian
    • Tackling crime
      • Right realists try to make individuals deterredd from commiting crimes
      • They focus on control/containment/ punishment of offenders
      • Wilson and Kelling's article 'Broken Windows - oderly character of neighbourhoods to prevent crimes
      • Zero tolerance policies to crimes
      • Target hardening : greater use of prison and tougher punishments


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