Right Realism and crime

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  • Right realism
    • Attitudes to other theories
      • Critical of labelling theory and critical criminology
        • Too sympathetic to criminal
        • Hostile to police and courts
    • Practical solutions
      • Control and punishment
        • Rather than rehabilitation or tackling causes such as poverty
    • Causes of crime
      • Reject structural/ economic factors are the cause
        • e.g the old tend to be poor however have a very low crime rate
      • Crime is product of three factors
        • Biological differences
        • Rational choice
        • The underclass
    • Solutions to crime
      • Wilson and Kelling
        • Zero tolerance policy
          • Police should focus on controlling the streets so law abiding citizens feel safe
        • We must keep neighbourhoods orderly to prevent crime
      • Crime prevention policies should reduce the rewards of crime and increase its cost
        • e.g target hardening and increase use of prison
      • Zero tolerance policies allow police to discriminate against ethnic minorities
    • Criticisms
      • Ignores the structural causes of crime e.g. poverty
      • Concerned solely with street crime
      • Young argues crime was already falling before zero tolerance was introduced


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