Right realism

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  • Right Realism
    • Right realism comes from the New Right perspective which looks at the causes of crime and what can be put in place to deter criminals
    • Biological differences- crime is caused by a combination of biological and social factors= low intelligence
    • Murray- talks about the 'underclass' or 'new rabble'
    • These governments favoured rolling back the welfare state together with a strong commitment to law and order.
    • They favoured a 'get tough' stance on crime, with increased use of prison and a 'short, sharp shock' approach to dealing with young offenders. Zero tolerance
    • Key features
      • Value consensus and shared morality underpin society
        • Criminals are immoral because they breach the law and consensus. Social order is crucial. Individuals should be able to live their lives without fear of crime
      • People are naturally selfish
        • People are essentially self-seeking and need to have their natural tendency to take shortcuts by committing crime regulated by agencies socialisation and control
      • Community control
        • It is poor socialisation and lack of community controls that lie behind crime and anti-social behaviour
        • Most effective crime control= strengthening the bonds of community
        • Murray- underclass characterised by welfare dependency= lack of responsibility and respect for authority, dysfunctional family life, failure to properly socialise and control children. Lack of community pressure to control deviance
      • Rational choice and opportunity
        • People are rational and weigh up the costs and benefits before taking action
        • Cornish and Clarke applied rational choice and opportunity theory to crime. People choose to commit crime because they decide the benefits to be gained are greater than the costs
        • Increasing the costs, reduces the opportunities
      • Crime will always exist
        • Some people will always have a natural selfishness and greed. Most that can be done is to reduce the impact of crime on victims
    • Solutions to crime
      • CCTV
      • More police officers
      • Zero tolerance
      • Harsher punishments
      • Alarms
      • Locks
    • Evaluation
      • Ignores structural causes of crime
      • Only looks at street crime
      • They say offenders act rationally


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