Right of a child

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  • Right of a child:
    • Utilitarianism:
      • Bentham: "Fundamental rights are nonsense on stilts"
      • ACT: Use of hedonic calculus, is pleasure that would be achieved through IVF outweighs the pain cause by failed embryos
      • RULE: Surrogacy may lead to pain
        • Limit on how many times you can try- Pleasure can tip to pain
        • Higher pleasure: Reproductive technology- Higher level of intelligence, Devalues sex
    • Situation Ethics:
      • Fletcher would still be opposed to the waste of embryos
      • Agape: Selfless motive- Homosexuals should consider adoption
    • Kantian Ethics:
      • CI- "Treating humans as a means of an end"- Surrogacy, painful for women
      • "Ought implies can"- Homosexual couples: Not meant to have children
        • Good will & Duty: Provide a family to children who don't have one
    • Natural law:
      • IVF- Unacceptable, God creates life. Alternatives to have children- Adoption
      • PP- "Ordered Society": 3rd Party. Challenges society's order
      • Maturation- Undermines sex


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