Energy and respiration

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  • RhEPO (Recombinant Erythropoeitin)
    • Biological Disadvantages
      • Kidney disease/failure
      • Increased risk of thrombus/blood clotting
      • Increased risk of heart attack/or failure
        • Myocardial infarction
      • Increased risk of stroke
      • Transitory ischaemic attack
    • The muscle responsible for producing and releasing EPO is the kidney
    • Procedure of using RhEPO
      • EPO is genetically engineered
        • Creates RhEPO
          • The RhEPO is put into the blood stream and targets bone marrow
            • Increases red blood cell count
              • Means more haemoglobin and therefore more oxygen
                • Red blood cells increase within a few days
                  • Athlete can be able to carry out aerobic respiration
    • What is RhEPO?
      • It is an artificial synthetic copy of erythropoietine
      • Acts as a naturally occurring hormone found in the body
      • It produces the same results as blood doping
      • Long distance performers benefit most from this
      • It is illegal
    • Advantages of using RhEPO
      • Endurance athletes use this so they can have a higher rate of aerobic respiration
      • This means athletes can work at higher levels without making/producing too much lactic acid. This generally reduces fatigue
      • More oxygenated blood can be delivered to working muscle cells
      • Improvements in an athletes performance over four weeks would match those expected over several weeks


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