Reward/Need Satisfaction Theory (Byrne & Clore)

The Formation of Romantic Relationships

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  • Reward/Need Satisfaction Theory (Byrne & Clore)
    • Attracted to people we find satisfying/gratifying to be with
      • We're motivated to seek rewarding stimuli & avoid punishing stimuli
        • Rewarding Stimuli - Unmet needs (company, financial security, attractiveness etc)
        • Mutual Attraction - When each partner meets the other's needs (1 has a need for financial security, 2 craves love)
    • Rewards & Punishment: Rewarding stimuli produces +feelings & punishing stimuli produces -feelings
      • Operant Conditioning - We are likely to repeat any behaviour that leads to a desirable outcome & avoid those that lead to undesirable outcomes
        • Enter into relationships because the presence of some people is directly associated with that reinforcement which makes them more attractive to us
    • Attraction through Association: We like people who we experience pleasant events with
      • A previously neutral stimulus can become +valued due to association with a pleasant event. We like people through the process of classical conditioning
      • The balance of positive & negative feelings is crucial in relationship formation
        • Relationships where the +s outweighed the -s were more likely to develop & succeed while ones where the -s outweighed the +s were likely to fail


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