Reverend Hale

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  • Reverend Hale
    • "Mr  Hale is nearing forty, a tight-skinned, eager-eyed intellectual."
      • "He appears loaded down with half a dozen heavy books."
        • "With a tasty love of intellectual pursuit"
          • "You have confessed yourself to witchcraft, and that speaks a wish to come to Heaven's side."
            • "Theology, sir, is a fortress; no crack in a fortress may be accounted small."
              • "Excellency, it is a natural lie to tell: I beg you, stop now before another is condemned!"
                • "He pleads with them, confess their crimes and save their lives."
                  • "Cleave to no faith when faith brings blood."
                    • "God damns a liar less than the that throws his life away for pride."
                    • "Be his helper! - what profits him to bleed?"
  • The development of his character is an important one.
  • Key Quotes


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