Different types of reverb

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  • Reverb and Delay
    • Utilizing Room Acoustics
      • Mic placement
    • Echo Chambers
      • 1931 Abbey Road Studios has one of the first echo chambers purpose built for recording.
        • Atlantic Records still using the office toilet.
    • Plate Reverb
      • Large thin metal plate attached to a loudspeaker which vibrates and its resonance is picked up by microphones/pickups.
    • Spring Reverb
      • First developed by Hammond in the US, just a spring instead of a plate.
        • Poorer quality, but smaller and lighter, and could be installed into instrument amps.
    • Digital Reverb
      • Early 1980s digital reverb becomes possible and affordable.
      • It runs off algorithms which have adjustable parameters to fine tune the sound.
    • Convolution Reverb
      • Does not use algorithms - instead uses pre-recorded sample of the impulse response of the space being modeled.
      • Space Dsn is Logic Pro 9's convolution plugin.
      • Advantage: really realistic results.
        • Disadvantage: less flexible parameter adjustment


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