Revealed Theology

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  • Revealed Theology
    • The Bible
      • To be seen as more than a historical document: it s the Word of God
      • We should not dismiss it to fit with modern society
      • Calvin: Scripture is a special revelation from Jesus + it corrects contradictions in the Old Testament
    • Faith
      • Faith isn't without reason, insead it uses reason
      • Aquinas: 2 types of faith 1. Unformed Faith- belief based on reason but rejection based on preference
      • 2. Formed Faith-willing to accept reason
    • Jesus Christ
      • Through Christ we willl be reconciled w/ God
      • Calvin describes Christ as a mirror of the divine
      • RCC accept Christ as full revelation of God btu we need to remember this in our faith
    • Why do we need both Natural and Revealed theology?
      • Natural theology relies on what we see empirically (our surroundings)
      • Whereas Revealed Theology helps us understand faith and the doctrine of Christianity
      • Revealed Theology provides a better relationship with God
    • Fideism
      • Knowledge depends on faith or revelation.
    • Barth
      • Believed in Revealed theology
      • Knowledge of God can only be found in Christianity
      • The Old Testament is open to testing to see how far it meets the revelation of God in Christ
      • New Testament is superior to the Old Testament


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