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  • Reurbanisation   Castlefield, Manchester
    • Housing and other facilities are attracted to a city after previous decline
    • What happened, with positives
      • GMEX centre, Granada Studios and The Bridgewater Concert Hall opened
        • Attract toursits and boost local economy. Create more jobs and a wide range of jobs
      • 5000 jobs created
        • reduce unemployment. better incomes. reduce need for benefits
      • Deansgate Canals cleaned and seating and lighting improved on the banks
        • Increase visitors - cleaner environment
      • 2583 housing units built
        • Good quality, newly developed housing
    • Positive reactions
      • Green party member of the local government
        • Improve the state of brownfiled sites so they are more envronemntally friendly
      • Family on council waiting list
        • Better chances of getting a house. easy access to centre of Manchester
      • National Government Housing Minister
        • Increase in profits as more houses will sell
      • Manchester building firm
        • More work. Increase in profits
      • Young professional working in the city
        • Easier to get to work with good transport links
      • Bar/restaurant owner
        • Increase in customers. Increase profts. Employ more staff
    • Negative reactions
      • OAP resident of Castlefield
        • Increase pollution. Wants to retire away from the city
      • Family on council waiting list
        • New houses may be too expensive
      • Green Party member of the local government
        • More people will increase congestion and pollution


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