retrieval failure

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    • Forgetting occurs because the correct retrival cues are not available. information is in long term memory but can not be accesed
      • information can not be acced because retrival cues are not present
      • when we store information we also store info about situation and emotions, these can trigger memory
        • external/internal
    • TULVING argued that information would be more readily retrieved if the cues present when information was encoded were also present when its retrival is required
    • BOWER manipulated the mood of his participants by hypnosis and showed clearkly how much the match or mismatch at the time of learing and recall had a strong effect on the accessibility of memories
      • has not been repeated
    • GODDEN AND BADDELY context dependecy. underwater and land retrival
      • BADDELY found no such effect on recognition and concluded that this effect only applies to recall
    • studies done in extreme conditions, not relevent to everyday, effecting ecological validity


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