General Punishment

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  • General Punishment
    • Resortation
    • Denunciation
      • Public condemnation of someone or something
    • Theories
      • An expressive institution that upholds the moral order (Durkheim)
      • A major institution that embodies a society’s cultural traits (Elias)
      • An economic mechanism to regulate the capitalist labour market  & an instrument of class domination (Marxist theories, eg Rusche & Kirchheimer
      • A form of disciplinary governance that permeates all aspects of modern societies, regulates and controls social life (Foucault & Cohen)
      • A way of identifying, controlling and managing risky populations in the most efficient way possible – the New Penology (Feeley and Simon)
    • Indeterminate prison sentences
      • Imprisonment for life
      • Imprisonment for public protection
    • Does it punish the offender or the family more?


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