Restless Earth 1

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  • Restless Earth 1
    • What is the Lithosphere and the Asthenosphere?
      • Lithosphere: Upper most layer of the earth, cool and brittle, crust and upper part of mantle.
      • Asthenosphere: Upper mantle.
    • What are the layers of the earth, what states are they and approximately how thick are they?
      • Inner core - solid, outer core - liquid, lower mantle - solid, upper mantle - partially solid,  crust,  solid.
    • What are the types of crust?
      • Continental (thick) and Oceanic (thin)
    • Describe the mantle:
      • The Mantle is a layer of semi solid/molten rock. The upper mantle makes up the asthenosphere, and lubricates plate movement.
    • How can we tell the structure of the earth, and that it is hot, without seeing it?
      • Because of how earthquake waves stop and change as they move between layers, and also from space meteorites from other planets.
      • We can tell the earth is hot because of volcanoes and hot springs.
    • What is the earths core made of?
      • Iron and nickle
    • Why is the earth hot? How hot is the core?
      • The earth is heated due to radioactive decay in the core, which is 5000 degrees approx.
    • Why is the core solid?
      • Because it is under lots of pressure.
    • How do the convection current in the outer core and mantle work?
      • As the core heats the molten rock up, it circulates away from the core, and as it cools down it falls back towards the core as it is more dense again.
    • What is a plume?
      • A hot, less dense movement of heat towards the earths surface. Bring magma to the surface.
    • What is the magnetosphere, and how does it work?
      • Huge magnetic field surrounding earth, made by liquid iron in outer core. protects us from space radiation and harmful sun rays.


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