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  • Responsibility in Inspector Calls
    • Responsibility speech- Mr B
      • He is most socialist.
    • Allegory: story or play with a moral message.
      • Responsible for looking after each other.
        • There was a lot of people like Eva who were ignored (working class).
        • Socialism.
    • The Inspector
      • He is the mouthpiece for Priestley's views.
        • Wants audience to take responsibility.
      • "You have to share something..."
        • We take a collective responsibility
        • Society should share guilt, not just one person.
          • We are all responsible for change, this is shown in the end of the play.
            • Ending of the play shows the divide between characters.
              • Older generation
                • Not what you have done, but if you get caught.
              • Priestley ensures that all realize the impact of his responsibility message with the final phone call.
                • Now the Birling's realize all was true.
    • Every character uses the word responsibility
    • Younger characters take responsibility-Sheila and Eric.
      • Gerald is upset but he doesn't.
        • Mr B and Mrs B don't admit they've done anything wrong.
    • Lighting change
      • Signifies that spot light is put on them to reveal social responsibility.
        • Public had suffered consequences of not taking responsibility.


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