Responsibility in Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

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  • Responsibility in Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
    • Societal Responsibility
      • Societal Responsibility is when individuals take up responsibility for the safety of society.
      • An example of this type of responsibility is when Utterson did not take up any societal responsibility once he found out that Jekyll had murdered Sir Danvers Carew. Instead he protected his friend whilst putting the rest of society in danger from Hyde.
      • Societal responsibility is also looking after the people in your society, by taking extra precautionary measures.
      • Jekyll also portrayed a lack of societal responsibility as he released Hyde in his neighbour hood which was dangerous for the society.
        • Hyde trampled on a young girl and murdered Sir Danvers Carew, so Jekyll should have released Hyde in an area where he would not hurt anyone.
    • Scientific Responsibility
      • Scientific responsibility is a responsibility that scientists have to make sure that their investigations are reasonable and ethical.
        • Scientists also have to carefully reveal their conclusions from research/experiments in order for the results to not harm others unintentionally.
      • Jekyll presents a lack of scientific responsibility as he experimented in an unethical manner. He carried out investigations to investigate the power beyond human capabilities.
      • Dr Lanyon also shows a lack of scientific responsibility as when he saw Hyde drinking the potion and turning back into Jekyll he did not stop Jekyll, neither did he report this crime, he was silent.
    • Personal Responsibility
      • This is when you hold yourself accountable for the consequences of your actions.
      • Jekyll also shoes a lack of personal responsibility. He exonerates himself from the blame of creating Hyde as he believed it was all Hyde's fault and not his.


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