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  • Responsibility For Eva Smith's Death
    • Eric Birling
      • Accepts that he was responsible for the role he played in Eva Smith's life and that he was partly to blame
    • Sheila Birling
      • Accepts responsibility for the part she played in leading to the suicide
        • Tries to make all the others accept responsibility because she is trying to make up for what she did
    • Mr Birling
      • Accepts he fired her from his works but believes it was the right thing to do however he does not think he is responsible for the death
    • Mrs Birling
      • Accepts no responsibility
        • Feels no remorse whatsoever for the girl's death
        • She is the coldest, hardest one of them all and feels no regret for rejecting Eva's plea for help at the women's charity
    • Gerald Croft
      • Accepts he was responsible for the part he played in what lead to the suicide
      • Showed kindness towards Eva Smith and provided her with a home
        • Eva became Gerald's mistress and he took advantage of her
    • Inspector Goole
      • Makes the connections between Eva Smith and the Birlings and Gerald
      • Tries to change all the family's and Gerald's views on responsibilty


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