Monserrat Volcanic Eruption LEDC 1995-1997

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  • Responses?
    • Immediate
      • Citizens fled but about 2000 people left on island.
      • UK provided £17million of emergency aid. (Monserrat is overseas territory of the UK).
      • Nearly 8000 of 12'000 population fled.
    • Long term
      • Haunted citizens.
      • Shelters were built for evacuees.
        • Children/elders evacuated.
      • Services in the North of the island were expanded.
  • Effects?
    • Short term
      • 19 people killed and 100's made homeless.
      • Schools, airport, hospitals, vegetation and farmland = destroyed.
      • Large areas were covered with volcanic material. The city of Plymouth was buried under 12m of mud and ash!
        • Lava, ash and rocks down valley.
    • Long term
      • Exclusion zone in South was 2/3 of country.
      • Parents/family members go abroad to Europe to find jobs/livelihoods.
      • Volcanic ash form eruption has improved soil fertility.
        • Tourism on island has increases as people want to visit the volcano.
  • Where and when?
    • Soufriere Hills volcano.
    • Small island in the Caribbean Sea.
    • April 1995-25th June 1997.
  • Causes?
    • Molten lava melts and works its way up.
    • Large pyroclastic flow after eruption.
    • 4.5 million cubic meters of rocks and gas released in large eruption.
  • Monserrat Volcanic Eruption LEDC 1995-1997


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