Mt St Helens Volcanic Eruption 1980 MEDC

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  • Responses?
    • Immediate
      • Mobilising helicopters.
        • Emergency treatment in nearby towns
        • Ash cleared out to allow traffic flow.
        • Masks were sent out.
    • Long term
      • Buildings/bridges were rebuilt.
      • Forests in the North being replanted.
      • Roads being rebuilt (tourists a consideration).
  • Effects?
    • Short term
      • 57 people killed and 250 homes destroyed.
      • Spirit lake filled.
      • Roads/bridges washed away and every tree 250km/2 washed away!
    • Long term
      • Loss of farm income as 12% crops destroyed.
      • Small eruptions continued until 1986.
      • Costs for repairs reached $2.74 billions!
  • Where and when?
    • North of USA near the Canadian boarder. Washington State.
    • Juan plate meets North American plate.
    • May 18th 1980.
  • Causes?
    • Volcano had been active for over 100 years.
    • Sits on destructive plate margin.
    • During 80s, large bulge developing on the snow covered upper Northern slopes which could trigger great avalanches or eruptions.
  • Mt St Helens Volcanic Eruption 1980 MEDC


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