Responding to Change

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  • Responding to Change
    • Nervous System
      • Enables you to react with environment and co-ordinate your behaviour
    • Impulses
      • Electric signals carried along neurons. They mean you can react quickly as they travel FAST.
    • Stimuli
      • A change in the environment
    • Receptors
      • Sensory cells which detect change in environment
    • Sense Organs
      • Group of cells which responds to changes within our surroundings
    • Neurons
      • Basic cells of nervous system - caries minute electric impulses around the body
    • Nerves
      • Bundles of of neurons
    • CNS
      • Brain, Spinal chord.
    • Sensory Neurons
      • The cells which carry impulses from sense organs to CNS
    • Motor Neuron
      • Neuron which carries impulses from CNS to effector organs
    • Effector Organs
      • Muscles and glands which respond to impulses from the nervous system.
    • Secreting
      • The release of enzymes or hormones


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