Aerobic and Anaerobic Respiration

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  • Respiration
    • Aerobic Respiration
      • Needs plenty of oxygen
      • Most efficient way to release energy from glucose
      • Happens all the time in plants and animals
      • Mostly happens in the mitochondria
      • Glucose + Oxygen -> Carbons Dioxide + Water +Energy
    • Anaerobic Respiration
      • Glucose -> Energy + Lactic Acid
      • Is used if not enough Oxygen
      • Happens when you do vigorous exercise and your body can't supply enough oxygen to your muscles
      • Incomplete breakdown of glucose
      • Lactic acid build up in the muscles is painful
      • Also causes muscle fatigue
        • Muscles stop contracting efficiently
      • Doesn't release as much energy as aerobic
    • Respiration is the process of Releasing Energy from Glucose, whcih happens in every cell


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