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  • Respiration
    • aerobic respiration
      • the release of energy in our bodies
        • every break of a glucose bond = release of energy
          • controlled by enzymes
          • in plants the glucose is a product of photosynthesis
            • animals = the break down of food stores in the gut
        • muscle contractions
          • movement
        • maintaining a steady body temperature
        • proteinsynthesis
          • building up large molecules from small ones
          • growth
      • mitochondria
      • waste products = carbon and water
      • breathing rate & depth increase
        • oxygen
      • heart rate increases
        • to supply more oxygen to respiring cells
    • anaerobic respiration
      • oxygen debt
        • the point after exercise when oxygen is needed to break down lactic acid
      • glycogen
        • store of glucose
          • that is broken down and releases energy when needed
        • liver
      • used when there is not enough oxygen
        • the incomplete breakdown of glucose
        • lactic acid builds up in the muscles


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