Co enzymes

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  • respiration and co enzymes
    • need for respiration
      • all living things need energy fro metabolic reactions
      • building large molecules and breaking large molecules
      • active transport, secretion (exocytosis) , endocytosis
      • replication of DNA, synthesis of proteins and organelles, movment, activation of chemicals
    • ATP
      • 3 x inorganic phosphates
      • ribose
      • adenine
      • energy is released by releasing a phosphate group by hydrolysis
    • NAD
      • organinc non-protein molecule
      • helps dehydrogenase enzyme carry out oxidation
      • made of 2 linked nucleotides each having ribose and adenine
      • when NAD accepts two H ions it is reduced
      • NAD takes  H ion from link reaction into the mitochondrial matrix to be pumped into inter membrane space for chemiosmosis
    • FAD
      • takes H ion to the mitochondrial matrix to be used in chemiosmosis
      • FADH comes from krebs cycle
    • Co enzyme A
      • made from panthathetic acid, adenosine, 3x phosphate groups and cytosine
      • carries acetate from link to krebs
      • also carries acetate found in fatty acids and amino acids into krebs


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