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  • Respiration
    • glucose + oxygen --> water + carbon dioxide
      • Needed for contraction of muscles, mitosis etc..
        • Glycolisis
          • Glucose-6-phosphate
            • By adding  a phosphate to carbon 6 it creates a reaction: Phosphorylati-on reacyion
            • Hexase - Bisphosphate
              • Two molecules of ATP have been use due to it now having two phosphates
              • Two triose phosphates
                • Each contain three carbons
                • Two pyruvates
                  • Two NAD is lost converting triose to pyruvate
                    • To get pyruvate an oxidation reaction occurs which removes two hydrogen atoms from the triose phosphates
                  • A net produce of two ATP is produced
                    • The next stage is The link reaction
                      • Takes place in the mitochondrion matrix
                      • Link reaction
                        • Occurs twice due to two pyruvaes
                        • Pyruvate is decarboxylated and dehydrogenated to produce an acetyl group
                          • Decarboxylation - removal of carboxyl group from a substrate molecule
                            • Dehydrogenation - Removal of hydrogen atoms from substrate
                          • Acetyl combines with CoEnzyme A
                            • Becomes Acetyl CoA
                              • Coenzyme NAD becomes reduced
                                • Coenzyme A accepts Acetyl CoA.
                                  • This then goes to the Krebs cycle
                                    • Krebs cycle
                                      • Acetyl CoA
                                        • Acetate
                                        • Loss of Co2 from decarboxylation and dehydrogenation
                                      • Mitochondrion matrix
                                      • This is substrate level phosphorylation
                    • Two ATP is lost during Hexase Bisphosphate
          • Takes place in the cyctoplasm
  • Acetate
  • Krebs cycle


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