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  • Respiration
    • Respiration
      • Chemical Reaction
      • Exothermic
      • Takes place in all living cells
      • Aerobic
        • Releases lots of energy as the glucose has been fully oxidised
        • glucose + oxygen -> carbon dioxide + water
      • Anaerobic
        • Releases less energy because the oxidation of glucose is incomplete
        • glucose -> lactic acid
        • Lactic acid makes our muscles feel tired and achey
        • We remove lactic acid by breathing
          • lactic acid + oxygen -> carbon dioxide + water
    • Metabolism
      • The conversion of glucose to starch, glycogen and cellulose is a metabolic reaction
      • The use of glucose and nitrate ions to form amino acids that are then used to make proteins is a metabolic reation
      • The sum of all the reactions taking place in a cell or the body of an organism
      • Respiration is a metabolic reaction
      • Photosynthesis is a metabolic reaction
    • Exercise
      • Aerobic respiration increases which means the bodies cells require more oxygen
      • Breathing rate and breathing volume increase
      • Heart rate increases to pump the oxygenated blood around the body
      • Normally anaerobic respiration takes place in the muscles
      • The lactic acid has to be removed from the muscles which requires oxygen
      • Oxygen debt-amount of extra oxygen needed after exercise to remove lactic acid from the muscles


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