Respiration GCSE Biology

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  • Respiration
    • anaerobic respiration
      • glucose = lactic acid (animals)
      • Doesn't require oxygen
      • When not enough oxygen is going to muscles (animals)
      • usually happens when exercise is occurs
    • aerobic respiration
      • oxygen + glucose = carbon dioxide + water
      • Requires oxygen
    • happens in the organelle mitochondria
    • Happens in both plants an animals
    • Happens in all living cells
    • Respiration isn't breathing
    • respiration is the process of transferring energy from the break - down of glucose - and it goes in every cell in your body continuously
    • it happens in plants too. All living things respire. It's how they transfer energy from their food to their cells
    • Respiration is exothermic (it transfers energy to the environment)
    • anaerobic respiration in plants and yeast cells
      • glucose = ethanol + carbon dioxide
      • in yeast cells it's called fermenta-tation
    • you need enzymes to complete the reaction so it's temperature dependant


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