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  • Respiration
    • Anaerobic Respiration
      • The functionality of the human body being able to respire when oxygen is no longer present, this is a very poor method of respiration.
      • Anaerobic respiration is a safety measure for if there is no oxygen present, which will allow the body to continue respiring for a short amount of time even though oxygen is not present, if there is no oxygen intake after a certain time the cells in the body will die and so will the person.
    • Aerobic Respiration
      • The process of the human body which allows the body to intake oxygen and use it to allow the cells in the human body to respire, this process is only possible when oxygen is present.
      • Aerobic respiration first begins when we breathe, we intake oxygen which is transported to the oxygenated blood cells within the blood stream to flow around the body and allow the cells to respire, some more than others dependant of if those muscles are being used.


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