Resources & Decision-making

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  • Resources & Decision-making
    • Barrett & McIntosh (1991)
      • Men gain more from women's domestic work than they give back in financial support
      • Financial support from from husbands is often unpredictable & comes with 'strings attached'
      • Men make the decisions about money-spending on important items
    • Kempson (1994)
      • Among low-income families, women denied their needs (such as eating less) to make ends meet
    • Hardi (1997)
      • Study of 30 dual-career professional couples
      • Important decisions were usually taken either by the man alone or jointly
      • Man's career usually took priority
    • Feminists
      • Inequalities in decision-making are not simply the result of inequalities in earnings
      • In patriarchal society, the cultural definition of men as decision makers is deeply ingrained in both genders
        • This is instilled through gender role socialisation


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