Resourcefulness: The Learning Power Mind ULL1

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  • Resourceful -ness
    • Reading, willing and able to learn in different ways
    • Cognitive aspect of learning
    • Questioning
      • Ability to ask good questions and the disposition to do so
      • Not afraid of not knowing
    • Making Links
      • The ability to see or make good relationships but also to look for them
      • E.g. using one method (mind mapping) and transfering that skill to another subject
      • Make links to own real - life experiences
    • Imagining
      • Can be developed or left to shrivel up
      • Using the mind's eye as a learning theatre
      • 2 kinds of imagination
        • Active: Deliberately create a scenario run through your mind (e.g. 1st day of school)
        • Receptive: Letting a problem slip to the back of your mind, and then just sliding into a day dream
    • Reasoning
      • Thinking rigorously and methodically
      • Constructing logical arguments and making practical use of them is good practice for real - life encounters
    • Capitlaising
      • Being on the lookout for materials, resources and forms of support that can help you in current learning
      • Make intelligent use of libraries, email etc


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