Resource Management

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  • Resource Management
    • Food
      • Veg Kenya's biggest income source but only 12% of final price goes to Producers
      • Lynford House Farm Agribusiness Intensive with wide chemicals use and machinery costs Invest in reservoir
      • Riverford Organic Farms- Devon weekly supply consumers - reduce food miles + Local support and employment
    • Water
      • Pollution in The River Ganges >1Bn raw sewage & 260 mn litres of factory waste and toxic chemical leaks
      • Chinese industry uses 33% of water by 2030 + water shortage costs $40Bn + closures
      • Rogun Dam -Vakhsh River in Tajikistan for HEP - increases water deficit & decreases cotton irrigation in Uzbekistan
      • China S to N water transfer cost $79bn from Yangtze to the Yellow river with canals, dams & tunnels
      • Participatory Groundwater Management, India - trains locals to record rainfall + well levels & plan irrigation


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