Resistance to Civil Rights

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  • Resistance to Civil Rights
    • White Citizens Councils 1954
      • Formed Indianola, Mississippi
      • To drive out lack people out through economic ways
      • Contrast to KKK they were not violent
      • 500 branches with 250,000 members
    • Southern Manifesto 1956
      • 101 Southern members of Congress signed against Brown ruling, pledging for its reversal
      • Harry Byrd called for massive resistance
      • Declared Brown "null and void"
      • Schools were shut down
    • Refusal to Implement Brown
      • Eisenhower thought Brown ruling set back progress in south by at least 15 years
      • White supremacists defended Southern way of life
      • Central govt involved in state matters
    • Storm Thurmond 1948
      • Southern Dixiecrat who supported radical segregation
      • Believed it was wrong for federal govt to impose policies at state level
      • 1948 ran as independent candidate against Truman
      • Had over a million supporters
    • KKK Revival late 50s
      • 50,000 members across the South
      • Murder of 14 year old Emmett Till in 1955 for allegedly flirting with a white woman murderers deemed not guilty


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