resistance to social influence

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  • Resistance to social influence
    • social support
      • conformity
        • can be reduced if the unanimity is broken
          • enables a person to follow their conscience
          • isn't long lasting if the dissenter starts to conform again
            • e.g if someone else speaks out about going somewhere different you also feel comfortable doing so
        • the dissenter of the group will act as a model
      • obedience
        • pressure to obey can be reduced if there is another disobeying
          • may not replicate the model's behaviour but allows them to disobey
            • e.g if another person is talking in a test, you can too
    • locus of control
      • Rotter
      • internal locus of control
        • responsible for their actions
          • anything that happens is because of their actions
        • e.g done well in a test because they worked hard
        • more likey to resist pressures to conform or obey
          • if they base results off their own actions they're more likely to follow their own beliefs
            • less need for social approval
            • more achievement orientated
            • more self confident
      • external locus of control
        • anything that happens is out of their control
          • not because of their actions
        • e.g done well on a tes because the questions were easy
        • less likely to resist pressures to conform and obey
          • basing their results on fate will mean they're less likely to follow their own beliefs
    • evaluation
      • research support, resistance to conformity


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