Resistance and opposition to the Nazi regime

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  • Resistance and opposition to the Nazi regime
    • 1933-1945 opposition to the Nazis party was present however there isn't an accurate account of the extent of opposition due to the Nazi regime
    • The most famous resistance towards Hitler was operation Valkyrie/ the July 1944 bomb plot
    • In 1943, Baron Henning von tresckow and Major general helmuth stieff  tried and failed using bombs hidden in brandy bottles and least two individuals agreed to become suicide bomber
    • The aim of the plot was to kill Hitler & seize control of Berlin by using the army
    • One of the leading member of the resistance was Claus Von Stauffenburg planted the bomb in Hitler's headquarter. With the explosion it was assumed Hitler was dead
    • Unknown to Claus, Hitler survived and quickly commanded his forces to act. The plotter actions were slow and failed to seize phone lines/radio broadcasts. Goebbels announced the Hitler was still alive and the plotter realized they had failed
    • In response to the operation 5000 people were executed. The key member including Claus were offered to be killed or commit suicide
    • As planned, Claus returned to Germany ready to take control of Berlin using to force of the Germany home army
    • However Hitler movement were predictable and he didn't arrive at his scheduled location on time
    • A small group within the Abwehr (the German army counter intelligence service)also plotted against Hitler. member including Dietrich and Klaus Bonhoeffer/brother in law Hans contacted the allied forces during the war and requested their support
    • However the british refused to help they and inj 1942 they were accidently discovered by the gestapo. all were arrested and and later sent to concentration camps. On the 9th April 1944 Bonhoeffer was hanged
    • A number of youth groups were also against Hitler.
    • The swing groups were middle aged youth who were against the war and wanted more freedom. They went on camping trips and listened to banned music and drink alcohol
    • The edelweiss pirates were mainly based in cities and attracted youths from working class backgrounds. they were graffiting anti-Nazis slogan. sheltering deserter and sometimes fighting Nazis members
    • Cologne edelweiss pirates killed the gestapo chief . 12 member were arrested and publicly hanged for the crime
    • The white rose  distributed leaflets about the violent actions of the party. In 1943 leaders Sophie scholl and Hans  were eventually  executed
    • Finally the everyday criticism from civilians towards the party this increased during WWII
    • During WWII the Nazis became concerned about their actions.
    • Heinrich Himmler want the youths male/female to be sent to concentration camps for 2-3 years
    • Heinrich Himmler wrote a letter to Reinhard Heydrich wanting the swing group to be dealt with brutally
    • Germany was a dictatorship controlled through fear and propaganda
    • Parent who were accused of encouraging the children would lose their property and sent to camps as well


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