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  • Resistance
    • In series and parallel,
      • You can investigate resistance by adding resistors
        • 1) Get at least 4 identical resistors
          • 2) Build the circuit and note the voltage of the battery
            • 3) Measure the current through the circuit using an ammeter
              • 4) Calculate resistance = Voltage / Current
                • 5) Add another resistor and measure the current and voltage to calculate resistance
                  • 6) Repeat until all resistors are added
                    • 7) Plot a graph
    • Adding resistors in series increases total resistance of circuit
      • And decreases the total current
    • The more resistors you add, the larger the resistance of the whole circuit
    • When you add resistors in parallel, the total current of the circuit increases
      • And the total resistance decreases
      • The more resistors you add, the smaller the overall resistance becomes


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