Resilience: The Learning Power Mind ULL1

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    • Absorption
      • Must be engaged with the object of learning
        • Context must be relatable
        • Without engagement, no learning can happen
      • We pay attention in different ways
        • Background thinking / day dreaming
        • Focused task
      • Being totally immersed means you might miss something else
    • Managing Distractions
      • Good learners diminish distractions, find out what their ideal conditions are
      • Not all distractions can be managed easily
      • Setting is very important
      • E.g. a child may move away from someone who is distracting them
    • Noticing
      • Relies on being able to pay attention to what you're interested in
      • Be able to be patient to see detail and create connections
      • Strengthened with practice
      • Picked up from observing other people around us
      • Notice mistakes and improve on them
    • Perseverance
      • Quickly being able to re - establish concentration when stuck
      • Developed with parents and teachers
      • E.g. classroom mismanage-ment caused if child can't keep going
    • Emotional aspect of learning
    • Reading, willing and able to lock into learning


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