Methods in Context: Researching teachers

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  • Researching teachers
    • Power relationships in schools
      • Teachers have more power and status because of their age, experience and responsibility within the school
      • Teachers have legal responsibilities and a duty of care towards their students
    • The nature of the classroom and research
      • Classrooms reinforce teachers' power.
      • Teachers often see it as 'my classroom' and the researcher could be viewed as a 'trespasser'.
      • Teachers are not fully indepdent in their classrooms
      • Teachers' behaviour in the classroom is constrained by heads, governors, parents and pupils.
    • Teachers' attitudes toward potential research
      • Teachers are often over-worked and can be less than cooperative
      • Due to long working hours, interviews and questionaires with teachers may have to be short
        • this restricts the amount of data that can be gathered
      • Teachers are used to being inspected.
        • Know how to 'put on a show'
    • Issues with researching teachers
      • Limited by schools' hierarchy systems
      • Can conceal emotions/aspects of lessons easily from researchers
        • Validity of data is questionable
      • Classroom observations may be hard to extract valid data from as they are highly controlled settings
      • Would be expensive to organise research with teachers in different areas, so research might be specific to one area.


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