Researching Social life

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  • Researching Social life
    • What does Sociological research set out to do?
      • Gathering data
        • Statistical information
        • Observations
        • Narrative
      • Establishing correlations
        • Cause and Effect
          • Just because their is a correlation, it does not mean that there is a causal relationship between the two
      • Developing theories
        • Correlations help explain why certain things occur
          • Allowing sociologists to develop theories
    • Sources and types of data
      • Primary Data
        • Produced by sociologists
      • Secondary Data
        • Produced by others
      • Quantitative Data
        • Statistical
      • Qualitative Data
        • Opinion-based
    • Evaluating data
      • Reliability
      • Validity
      • Representativeness
      • Generalisability
      • Objectivity and the researcher


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